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"... lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
Matthew 28:20 (NAS 1975)

This e-book takes a positive view of the times we live in.
We can explore this encouraging idea together by looking at the following three questions:
1. How can we know that we are in the Bible End-Time?(1)
2. Why is this good news?
3. What should our response to this good news be?
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Israel               - field of ripened wheat
Photo S-1. "Ready for Harvest"
Used with kind permission of BiblePlaces.com
(Found at the website: eBibleTeacher.com)

Writer - Patrick Bealey

Drawings - Cora McDowall

Table of Contents

Opening Sections:
Abbreviations Used
List of Illustrations
1.  The Unfolding Plan
2.  Who Is Christ?
3.  The World's Response to Christ
4.  Jesus Gave Us the Signs of the Times
       4-1. Sections A and B Items 1-3
       4-2. Section B Items 4-14
5.  Other End-Time Signs
       5-1. Sections A and B Items 1-2
       5-2. Sections B Items 3-8, and C
6.  How Long is the End-Time to Run before Jesus' Return?
7.  What Answer Does the Bible Give about the Time of His Coming?
8.  What About the Great Tribulation?
9.  The Rapture of His Return
10. If We Let HIM Down
11. How To Respond to His Call Today
12. The New Order - a Christ-led World
Appendix A. Scripture References
Appendix B. The Bible, Israel and the Fig
Appendix C. Bible Chronology
Appendix D. Israel's Year of Independence : The End-Time
Appendix E. Astronomy and the Date of the Crucifixion
Note: As you can see, two (the longest) chapters in this e-book are split into two webpages each. This was done to ensure speedy downloads.


This e-book is dedicated to the Holy Spirit of God - without Whom there would have been no e-book! (The Patience of God with this at-times-haltingly-slow writer is something he is grateful for.) Any errors belong to the writer, but the Inspiration of God is something marvelous to experience - any and all good things in the chapters that follow are due to God's Spirit.


Earlier this year (2014) the writer was shown that we are waiting for a powerful Savior, rather than a Baby born in Bethlehem in 2 BCE. Jesus was empowered fully as Savior by His Submission to the Cross; and the Crucifixion took place in 33 CE. So, this later year, and not 2 BCE, is the start year of the period of waiting - for the One the world is needing. It follows that the year reached after 2,000 years of waiting is pushed back to 2033 CE.

This writer regrets changing the narrative once more. However, it's good news that the 2,000 year period is not yet up. Recalling that the year 2000 came and went - with no Return of our Lord. What did that mean? The thinking that the 2,000 years of waiting was over was looking a bit suspect. This is an example of not catching the Vision perfectly - part was received from God, part was fumbled. This writer is grateful that further "waiting on the Lord" bore fruit!

And the original Apology:
When the initial version of this e-book was placed on the Web, it emphasized a belief that the writer then held, that the Messiah would very likely return in the year 2000. Well, the year 2000 came and went, did it not? Proving the writer to be mistaken!

He would like to apologize to the Internet community, and especially to anyone who was misled by this. Hopefully, the writer is much more cautious now about making any predictions on the timing of His Return. (It was later pointed out to the writer that the reason our Messianic expectations were not fulfilled in 2000 was: God loved us too much to come before the time was right. Meaning also that God did not want us to be driven by a spirit of fear - slogging away, consumed by the thought that we won't have done enough by the time the Messiah comes!)


This e-book is about the Return of the Lord, the Messiah. It is written from the perspective of a Christian - of the Quaker variety. Many Quakers hold to a belief that this Coming of the Christ is purely a spiritual event. Since this e-book goes in a rather different direction, perhaps we should look at these two strands of thought at the outset, and try to put them in context?

The main founder of the Quaker movement was a man by the name of George Fox. He was given a special insight by God into this subject of the Coming of Christ. George Fox realized that when a person experiences what Christians call the new birth, this is a kind of Coming of Christ. So that when God starts to move in a person's heart in a life-changing way, Christ can be said to have "come" to that person, and in a vitally important way!

To emphasize its importance, George Fox felt led to point out to the people of his day that they need not look for any other Coming of Christ but this personal one. That was a valid statement three centuries ago, but today the news is better! Hence the reason for this e-book.

There is a principle which should be expressed here:

God Never Falls Short on the Divine Promises!

But God is allowed to do more, yes? The Return of Christ is a case in point. God has done more than promised already, by coming in the hearts of millions of believers. But let's remind ourselves what the actual Promise is. God's Promise states not only that the Messiah will come, but says what He will do when He gets here!
Then the Lord of heaven's armies will mount his throne in Zion and rule gloriously
in Jerusalem, in the sight of all the elders of his people. Such glory there will be that
all the brightness of the sun and moon will seem to fade away.
Isaiah 24:23 (TLB)
God won't settle for less than this - why should we?

Abbreviations Used

Bible Versions:
Amp. - The Amplified Bible
Jer. - Jerusalem Bible
JPS - Jewish Publication Society
KJV - King James Version (or Authorized Version)
NAB - New American Bible
NAS 1975 - New American Standard 1975
NEB - New English Bible
NIV - New International Version
NLT - New Living Translation
NRSV - New Revised Standard Version
NWT - New World Translation
PME - Phillips Modern English
RSV - Revised Standard Version
TLB - The Living Bible
TEV - Today's English Version (or, Good News Bible - U.S.A. edn.)
Note: The Jewish Bible used here is the JPS; the Catholic Bible the NAB; the remaining versions are Protestant.

"Note of regret:" Some of the Bible quotations use gender-exclusive language. (These quotes have been chosen for their beauty/aptness in other respects.) Apart from these, the ideal of inclusive language has been the goal throughout this e-book.

Other Abbreviations and Terms:
aka - also known as
approx. - approximately
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
BCE - Before Common Era (same as BC - Before Christ)
bn. - billion (that is, the US billion of 1,000,000,000, not the British billion, which is 1,000 times more than this)
CE - Common Era (same as AD - Anno Domini, or the year of our Lord)
CEMT -  Membres de la Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports
ch. - chapter
D.O.T. - Department of Transport (a British government agency)
EC - European Community
ECMT -  European Conference of Ministers of Transport
edn. - edition
esp. - especially
EEC - European Economic Community
E.T. - End-Time
HMSO - Her Majesty's Stationery Office
HO - Head Office
hrs. - hours
Hymns A. & M. - Hymns Ancient and Modern
incl. - including
ind. - independent
km/s. - kilometer/s
max. - maximum
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
pass. - passenger
pg/s - page/s
ref. - reference
rev. - revised
TB - tuberculosis
UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
vol. - volume
vs/s. - verse/s
WBGS - West Bank and Gaza Strip
WW - World War (as in - WWI)
WWF - World Wildlife Fund
yr. - year

List of Illustrations

Opening Sections:
Photo S-1. "Ready for Harvest" incl. thumbnail
Chapter 1:
Chart 1-1. Travel Increase
Chart 1-2. Education Increase - Africa
Chart 1-3. Population Increase
Chapter 2:
Drawing 2-1. Healing in Action
Diagram 2-2. The Salvation Pillars
Chapter 5-2:
Map 5-2-1. The Sahara Region - Showing the Plough Boundaries incl. thumbnail
Photo 5-2-2. The Plough in the Heavens incl. thumbnail
Drawing 5-2-3. A Traditional Design of Plough
Map 5-2-4. Israel’s Boundary - the Footprint
Map 5-2-5. The "Strange" Map of Israel’s Boundary incl. thumbnail
Map 5-2-6. "Normal" Map Showing Israel’s True Boundary incl. thumbnail
Chapter 6:
Chart 6-1. Wars With 5 Million or More Participants
Chart 6-2. The Time Since His Birth - Shown As 24 "Hours"
Chapter 7:
Chart 7-1. How Many Days?
Chapter 10:
Drawing 10-1. God Dealing with the Nuclear Mess
Appendix D:
Chart D-1. 1948 & Independent Israel : End-Time Duration
Appendix E:
Photo E-1. Moon in Eclipse
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Many people have contributed to this e-book. Only a few individuals and organizations can be named here, but the writer trusts that all those who helped in a direct way are represented. Some have given especially generously. Donna and Forrest Brewster's names spring to mind. Their support as initial website hosts was invaluable, but that's not all. They have also saved the writer from numerous errors, and their patient attention to detail has been outstanding. Then again there are the good folks at St.Andrew's Scots Memorial Church and Hospice, Jerusalem. And so many other people have aided the writer in ways that they (and often, he) may be unaware of.

But no list of acknowledgments would be complete without mention of the writer's wife Pat, his son Josh, and his parents, Kathleen ("Nancy") and Frank. Their contribution to the e-book has been great - it cannot be put into words.

Les Coppin (passed on) - formerly of Northampton, England
Lon Diffenderfer - Thompsontown, Pa, U.S.A.
Roy Down - Northampton, England
Emma Given - (then) of St.Andrew's Scots Memorial Church and Hospice, Jerusalem
Yossie Klein HaLevy - Jerusalem
Andy Hibbert - (then) of Our Daily Bread Co-operative, Northampton, England
Colin Humphreys - University of Cambridge, England - for Appendix E
Bill Simons - Northampton, England
Adrian Smith - Ryde, Isle of Wight, England
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - London HO
East Jerusalem Baptist Church
Our Daily Bread Co-operative - Northampton, England
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church - Harrisburg, Pa, U.S.A.
Quakers - many, especially in Britain Yearly Meeting
In Britain -
British Library, and its branches - Newspapers, Science
Catholic Central Library
DHSS Main Library
Imperial War Museum
Local libraries in Northamptonshire, Camberley, Farnborough
Northampton Central Library
RAF Museum Library - Hendon, London
Wiener Library - London
In Israel -
American Cultural Center - Jerusalem
Hebrew University Library - Jerusalem
Mercaz Pedagogi Library - Jerusalem
In the U.S.A. -
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Central Reference Library

Opening Sections - Notes

^  1. There's a description of the term, "End-Time," here in Wikipedia.

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