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This e-book is here to point out that until recently there were three leading, pivotal antiChrists in our world.
They opposed the Gospel, but the Gospel has already proved its superiority
over them.
Reading these pages, you will see that there is now little to fear from these, or from any other opponents of God.
Going on from there, and trusting in Jesus and in His Strength, we can learn to withstand antiChrist in all its forms.
The goal here being to encourage, to help all of us realize that God wants the spirit of each and everyone to flourish.

This text is in the public domain.

Writer - Patrick Bealey

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Opening Sections:
Jesus the Christ (includes a link to - Jesus - a summary)
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1.  Three AntiChrists - Good News?
2.  AntiChrist No.1 - the Late Dictator and "Old Babylon"
3.  AntiChrist No.2 - the ex-Commander and "The Fulcrum"
4.  AntiChrist No.3 - the Overlord and "New Babylon"
5.  9/11 - Conspiracy of Conspiracies?
6.  What Will Jesus Do?
7.  What Can Be Done Now?

Jesus the Christ

There would be no point to this e-book of course, and no point to antiChrist, if there were no Christ in the first place. But let's pause a moment ... there may be some reading these words about Christ, and it all seems like a foreign language? So for those to whom Jesus may be an entirely new idea, there is a basic summary here.


This e-book is dedicated to my patient wife, Pat. She has put up with this writing project, just as she put up with the last one, though they have both taken years to do. May her reward be great! (As with that previous work - The End-Time Harvest - any real Insights in these pages belong to God, while any and all errors are this writer's.)


All the friends who have supported me in this project, and especially the two friends who formed a support group for this project. A number of Quakers have been supportive. There has been help from librarians at the local libraries  - in Castle Douglas, and the Ewart in Dumfries (both in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland). Finally, this e-book has been enriched by the Internet. Many websites - too numerous to mention here - have aided the research. However, a number  of the sites that provided key data are linked to in this work.

Abbreviations Used

Bible Versions:
Amp. - The Amplified Bible
ASV - American Standard Version
CEV - Contemporary English Version
JPS - Jewish Publication Society
KJV - King James Version (or Authorized Version)
MKJV - Modern King James Version
Msg. - The Message
NAB - New American Bible
NAS 1975 - New American Standard 1975
NIV - New International Version
NWT - New World Translation
TEV - Today's English Version (as found in the Good News Bible)
TLB - The Living Bible
Wey. - New Testament in Modern Speech - Weymouth

Other Abbreviations and Terms:
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
BCE - Before Common Era (same as BC - Before Christ)
bn. - billion (that is, the US billion of 1,000,000,000, not the former
        British billion, still sometimes used, which is the US trillion)
CD - Controlled Demolition
CE - Common Era (same as AD - Anno Domini, or the year of our Lord)
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency of the USA
C. in C. - Commander in Chief
FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt - president of the US: 1933–1945
Ibid. The same citation - author and title, etc, as quoted in the Note above.
IDF - Israel Defense Forces
IT - information technology
pg/s. - page/s
PM - Prime Minister
rpt. pg/s. - report page/s (used to distinguish the printed page number
        from the page number in the textbox at the head of an online pdf report).
vs/s. - verse/s
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological)
WW - World War (as in - WWI)


"Three antiChrists? You've got to be joking. If there had been three antiChrists then we'd all have been blown up by now!"

Well, that's one possible response to the subject of this e-book. And as a point of view it's valid right enough, but let's just compare that with some of the wise and loving Words of Jesus: "Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid," John 14:27 (TEV).

Let us be encouraged then - it is true that until very recently (written in January 2007) there were three antiChrists in the world. But no longer, and the current situation is that two of them are unable to harm us in any way. This is an example of the Kindness of our God. As a further kindness, this writer is a slow one. Had it been otherwise, he could have been guilty of scaremongering with all this fuss about multiple antiChrists!

This is what happened: Some years ago, the Spirit began to alert this scribe, who came to see that, first this one, then that one should be recognized as a major antiChrist. By the time the Inspiration to start this writing project had all been received, it was clear that there were no less than three antiChrists in the world at that time. What a threat, what a burden for people.

While there was no doubt that this state of affairs should be shared with anyone and everyone willing to listen, there were two problems with that. First is an obvious one - folk have become used to the idea of an antiChrist, that is - one evil leader. And it's true that most commentators have focused on one such creature. From the 1923 book, The Antichrist(1) by A W Pink, for instance, right through to the current popular series, Left Behind(2) by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the main teaching has been: there is only one antiChrist we should really watch out for. So there would certainly be a fair amount of resistance to the notion of three antiChrists present (especially to them having been here simultaneously).

The second snag is this - the idea that three antiChrists should be seen as a Fulfillment of a key Bible Prophecy. Meaning that for this trio to have emerged in our world was actually a positive Sign - would it wash? Would believers find it credible? It's true that anything that shows the Power of the Gospel must be a good thing - but it's quite likely that this particular notion would be just too much!

Look at what happens though before this plodder gets done - first one, then another, then the third of these scary types is removed from power. One of the three still may have the potential to cause trouble, but in a more limited way than before. Well that's not so bad, is it? Thank You, Lord!

Still it has to be admitted that the claim this e-book makes is an unusual one. Namely that until 2006, there were three major antiChrists here at once, each one was, or had been, a head of state, concocting his own form of mayhem. Now, you may consider this notion of three adversaries together as something quite alien, but let's back up and look at history. It's fair to say that the World War II (WWII) era had its share of villains, isn't that right?(3) Now is it stretching things too far to see three antiChrists among them? (In which case was that not a sign of the special period of preparation - spoken of by Jesus - namely the End-Time?[4]) The companion work to this one - The End-Time Harvest - introduces the idea that there were indeed three antiChrists back then, and gives the evidence for that view. Further, this witness was recently led to see that in a previous period - around the time of WWI(5) - there had been another trio of antiChrists adding to the tragedies of those days.

Perhaps some might react against these ideas: "Three sets of three antiChrists - nine altogether? You must be trying to frighten us." Certainly not - actually quite the reverse - the purpose is to show that, despite present troubles, the future is bright. Firstly, Scripture indicates that this final set of antiChrists marks the "end of the age." Because these latest three have been revealed at this time, we can understand that the End-Time must be drawing to its close. Praise God! Secondly, if there is a mighty spiritual battle going on, this is a battle in which the final outcome is in no doubt. The Power of God's Love must prevail, and will overcome all wrongdoing.

Here were three opponents of the Gospel - they foolishly arrayed themselves against Jesus Christ. Two of the three, as mentioned earlier, have already been taken out of the way; the third no longer heads a nation. And really, isn't this just the sort of thing we might expect? For the Bible shows clearly that God's enemies always lose out in the end. Meaning in this case, Jesus is coming soon. His Return will mark the end of the End-Time itself, when all antiChrist opposition will be cut off. Hallelujah!

If as a result of reading this e-book you end up convinced that these three antiChrists are/were a reality, then the fact that this antiChrist situation signals  wonderful benefits up ahead should be encouraging. Truly, by looking at this in the right way, we can see there is a precious Gift from God here. (And if you're not yet convinced, at least by giving the time to this subject something may well have been added to your defenses against antiChrist.)

Some may have questions at this point, like: "Well now, if the outlook is as good as you say, can we be sure of it, can we fully accept it - can we know that we're not going to be trusting in a cloud cuckoo land? Many of us have suffered from false hopes and false dawns in the past: maybe someone let us down, or we trusted in a 'miracle cure' that wasn't, or in a plausible sales scam, or even in a harebrained idea of our own! We've all been there. If the messiah really is the light at the end of the tunnel, we all want to see this light and be certain about its source."

This writer firmly believes that the material presented here is based on God's revealed Truth. You can assess for yourself as you read whether these ideas strike a chord with you, or not. And if you accept the arguments as we go along, hopefully by the time you reach the end you will have arrived at the same conclusion as this believer - that the Gospel of God will win out! After all, the word Gospel means Good News. And the Gospel is so disarmingly good because it is made alive in Jesus. As St. Paul wrote: "our Savior, Christ Jesus ... has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel," II Timothy 1:10 (NIV).

Here then, are presented three prominent figures from our time who, it can be shown, fit the antiChrist pattern. This pattern has been laid down for us, so that we would know an antiChrist when one appeared. These three are not the first to be found opposing the true Christ. But more positively, these three were foreseen, and it was prophesied that they would be the last such arch-villains to blight the Earth before Jesus returns. They are - in order of being identified to this scribe - Saddam Hussein, Ariel Sharon, and George W Bush.

1. Saddam Hussein - the first of these - is no longer the menace that he was to his nation, and to his neighbors in the Middle East. The former president of Iraq - captured after that country was invaded by the USA and her allies - was put on trial, found guilty in the massacre of 148 Iraqi Shiites, and executed. When he was in power, if people had been asked to name an antiChrist of our time, he would perhaps have been the one most people picked.

2. Ariel Sharon - ex-Prime Minister of Israel - has now passed away (in January 2014). Previously he had been in a coma - since January 2006, when he fell victim to a major stroke.

3. George W Bush - was president of the USA until a couple of weeks ago (writing as of February 6, 2009), when he handed over the office to Barack Obama. As a result, it would seem Bush's potential to cause harm is now much diminished.

Let us be clear right away, you're not being asked to rejoice at what happened to bring the first two of these three down. A man has been hanged - what right do we have to execute a fellow human being? Yes, Iraq's people did suffer under Saddam Hussein, but after Saddam they have continued to suffer. Under the US-led occupation there was an ongoing loss of mortal life. And today, with the Islamic State forces rampaging through their country? If their lives proved to be so much better than they were under the dictator, why have so many Iraqis voted with their feet and left their country? And so many leaving and trying to leave today. Similarly, none of us know how much suffering Ariel Sharon bore as a result of his strokes and a brain hemorrhage.

God does not delight in the pain of anyone, and neither should we. What can be said is that God has once again chosen to bring good out of evil, and as a result we are now faced with just one active antiChrist instead of three. We are greatly blessed.

On another note, maybe you accept that Saddam(6) fell into the antiChrist category, but you cannot believe either Ariel Sharon or George W Bush should be labeled in this way? Maybe you are even angered at such a "monstrous charge"? Please, there is evidence. Stay with this awhile and Lord willing, you'll start to see how each of these three names makes sense.

Before getting down into detail about the antiChrist nature of these three though, there's a distinction that needs to be made first:

The basic nature of antiChrists is the same for all of them. But the antiChrists described in the Bible fall into two categories. We need to understand what that means, since we are focusing on just one of these categories. Into the first bracket fits the sort of person that many people tend to think of when the subject of antiChrist comes up. St Paul told us that we are dealing with a force of great evil in this case: "the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders," II Thessalonians 2:9 (NAS 1975). In other words, this is a man who has been granted an appalling capacity for wicked deeds.

By contrast, those in the second category are lesser antiChrists. They are more of these - they are found in Scripture in the plural: "even now many antichrists have appeared," I John 2:18 (NAS 1975). We see these individuals as being in a minor league compared with the above "top villains." But these people all have one thing in common - in their spirit they oppose Christ.

Looking back, examples of these "less ferocious" antiChrists would be the minions with whom Hitler surrounded himself - people like Goebbels, Goering, Himmler. All were key props of the Nazi regime, and they directed its deadly work. The destructiveness of Hitler himself, by contrast, was it not of a different order? We sense that he doesn't belong in any minor category.

The focus of this e-book is strictly on this first sort - the "major" antiChrist. As mentioned already, believers had been given the idea that there would be just one such person - the antiChrist. As a result, the notion of three (major) antiChrists sounds a bit outlandish - can it be true? That's a fair question, and one that is addressed in the next chapter.

Right now though, it might be worth spending a bit of time looking at how to recognize an antiChrist - any antiChrist, major or minor: they all follow a pattern.

Let's see how the word antiChrist is defined, and what is written in Scripture about the type of person who fits this tag - what they will do, and especially, what their future will be. Taking the word itself, the prefix - anti - is a word which in the Greek can mean "against," or "instead of." Christ comes from Christos, meaning the "Anointed One," the Messiah. So an antiChrist is someone who is opposed to Jesus, and would actually like to put themselves in the "stead," or place of, Christ.

Scripture defines the antiChrist this way:

... and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God;
and this is the spirit of the antichrist,
of which you have heard that it is coming,
and now it is already in the world.
I John 4:3 (NAS 1975)

Jesus warned the world that the spirit of antiChrist would stoop to all kinds of evil:

"The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy;
I came that they might have life,
and might have it abundantly."
John 10:10 (NAS 1975)

So Confirmation is found in several places in the Bible that there are antiChrist types to contend with. The following Books are especially relevant: Daniel, John, II Thessalonians, I & II John, Revelation. (Daniel and Revelation are of particular interest as they have passages that parallel each other.) You may well have been aware of some of these Scriptures already? You may also be aware that a number of infamous characters have been given the antiChrist label in the past. By looking at the lives of some of these people, we can add flesh to the personality described above, and get a better idea of what an antiChrist is like. And no, none of these people who branded themselves as messiahs can stand to be compared with the real One. Let us then, be sure of this: that Jesus Christ the Messiah is greater than any and all of these impostors!

Of those that have been called antiChrist in the past, here are a few of the most notorious: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the emperor Nero. Also, Judas Iscariot - though little is known about his life generally, we do know he showed himself to be the most obvious opponent of Christ. Despite being one of Jesus' inner circle of twelve disciples, he still went off and betrayed Him. The final example - taken from one of the Book of Books' earliest chapters - is that of Cain. He was responsible for the first murder recorded in the Bible (please see Genesis 4). Let us pause and consider here: Jesus came to be born here on Earth as a Jew, just two millennia ago, whereas Cain appeared much earlier than that. Yet we are counting Cain as an antiChrist? This is a point some people struggle with. But when we realize - from this Prophecy about Jesus' Birth - that Christ the Babe already had a Life reaching back through ages long gone, the difficulty goes away:

And you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, the one too little to get to be among the thousands of Judah,
from you there will come out to me the one who is to become ruler in Israel,
whose origin is from early times, from the days of time indefinite.
Micah 5:2 (NWT)

So what features do these six men have in common, what markers would help point to the antiChrists of our day?

One thing common to all of the above is that they had blood on their hands. Killing, murder, or in Judas' case perhaps it should be called conspiracy to murder. Then there were these further traits: use of lies and deceit, the violent pursuit of power, and extreme cruelty.

Their lives were the opposite of the Life that Jesus lived. So, in the terms we saw above in John 10:10 - instead of promoting life, these twisted ones focused on robbing, killing, and destroying. At the same time, let us take note of this: the rulers among these antiChrists did not present themselves as the rogues they were. Of course they didn't. They wouldn't have lasted five minutes as head of their nation if they had done. No, as we see most clearly perhaps in the examples of Hitler and Stalin, they had the gall to present themselves as alternative messiahs. And for a while they got away with this. Which seems surprising until we recall the Scripture which warns us: "Satan can disguise himself to look like an angel of light," II Corinthians 11:14 (TEV). So we should learn from this - it is easy to allow ourselves to get carried away by a great wave of popular appeal for a leader. "All that glisters is not gold," and there isn't always safety in numbers. Instead it is wise to look beneath the surface gloss and try to discern just how and why that popular figure is trying to win people over.

What will the future of these deceivers be? Well here's an illuminating verse:

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth,
Philippians 2:10 (KJV)

God is saying in the above Scripture that there will be no exceptions - "every knee." That includes those of all antiChrists, past and present. Question - just what does it take to straighten out a deeply wicked will to the point where it allies itself with the King of kings? The amount of pain doesn't bear thinking about.

That can only be a brief summary of the antiChrist phenomenon. If you want to research more about antiChrists in general, there's a wealth of information out there - on the Web, in libraries, held by faith groups, etc.

Moving on, these pages are laid out as follows: The way in which a pattern of three antiChrists fits into Bible Prophecy and into history is covered in chapter one. Then three chapters take a more detailed look at each of the antiChrist candidates of our day in turn. After this, there's a chapter covering one dire day in 2001: 9/11. What was it that caused the massacre on that day; do we yet have the truth? And does the truth that is available so far have any bearing on this look at antiChrists?

Then an attempt is made - in the light of Scripture - to look at what happens when the Messiah comes. What is the likely outcome for these three men, and for all of us? We are told that the Anointed One will rule with justice - what will this mean for these and any others who have been practicing wickedness? In the final chapter, since Messiah's Return is not yet, we consider a key question: What Can Be Done Now?

Throughout this e-book, the theme is to "keep looking up." Despite the threat of antiChrist. The Power of God's Love is so much Greater than any scheme antiChrist can cook up. So, if by the end you accept the key finding put forward in these chapters - that three antiChrists were sent to trouble us, and one just may be in a position to do so still - even this is not a cause for dismay. Because if we keep "looking unto Jesus" we should be able to see a Bright Future - in spite of, and beyond antiChrist!

But you could still be thinking, "We are in trouble." In that case consider this though: it seems you're willing to believe a hard thing - namely, what the Scriptures say about the antiChrists. This should make it easy to believe something else that goes right along with this. Namely, by means of trials such as these, God is preparing the world for a Great Re-entry. The Re-entry of no less a Person than God's Son! Looking at the big picture like this, and applying the needed amount of faith, we discover that we really can rejoice! For these satanic antiChrist characters cannot begin to compete with Jesus Christ, and cannot take away the Joy that comes from Him!

"In the future you will see the Son of Man
sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One
and coming on the clouds of heaven."
Matthew 26:64 (NIV)

Opening Sections - Notes

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^  6. In this e-book, Saddam is normally referred to by his forename, while for Bush and Sharon their surnames tend to be used. This is because of a desire not to confuse Saddam Hussein with other Husseins. The feeling is that many in the West would tend to think of the late ruler of Jordan if "Hussein" is used without a forename to qualify it. So calling Saddam by his familiar name should not be seen as a mark of disrespect.

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