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Jerusalem - a view centered on the Dome of the Rock mosque
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The End-Time Harvest

Three AntiChrists up against the Gospel of Jesus

Marriage and Its Springs, Quaker Marriage - article


It should be noted that the views and beliefs stated in the materials on this website are strictly those of the writer (Patrick Bealey).
In no way then, should any of these materials be taken as representing the official views of Britain Yearly Meeting, or those of any other Quaker, or other Christian body.
That said, the aim of this site is to publish messages of hope and light and truth that unite with the highest aspirations of all of these bodies.

Plans for this website are to host a number of e-books and an article, on different topics. (Please see the above links.) The common theme is that they will all be "words for today," and they will look to the Messiah in some way. The first e-book is here to show the evidence for the claim that we are now living in the End-Time. And to point out what Scripture tells us about this special time. Namely that the future is very bright - if we will only open our eyes and see!

The second item looks at a more specific aspect. It seeks to demonstrate that there were three major antiChrists troubling our planet until recently. They were pitting themselves against the Gospel. The encouraging news is that Jesus remains in charge. As a result these three are no longer the danger that they once were.

The article - on marriage - is the writer's attempt to speak out for marriage. Bearing in mind the current climate, where the tide often seems to be moving away from this blessed God-instituted state.

The text of the webpages on this site is in the public domain. Please feel free to follow the above links and check the pages out!

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